Safer shopping for everyone
The Vision team is committed to helping retailers regulate their customer traffic to meet local social distancing regulations. Our top priority is to ensure stores remain open safely and confidently.
VisitSafe is a digital doorman for increasing customer and store staff confidence.
By automatically regulating store traffic to ensure social distancing, it helps achieve safer shopping for everyone and helps you meet your social distancing compliance requirements. Inspired by a universally understood traffic-light, the display asks customers to enter or to wait.
Key Benefits
  • Plug and play, no technical installation skills required
  • Customisable to suit your brand
  • During intervals, screen acts as media placements for marketing communications
  • 1

    Screen with real-time footfall counter software

  • 2

    Compartment for complimentary gloves and/or masks

  • 3

    Compartment for complimentary hand sanitiser

Entrance stand with screen and real-time footfall counter software. Hand sanitisers, face masks and gloves are not included.
  • Where should I place the VisitSafe digital doorman?

    It should be placed at the store entrance to welcome visitors.

  • How does it help maintain a safe distance between everyone inside?

    VisitSafe calculates the maximum number of people that the space can safely accommodate. VisitSafe monitors the number of entering and departing customers and keeps a count of people in the store at all times. New customers are asked to wait outside if the store becomes too full.

  • Does the unit include the hand sanitiser, gloves and masks?

    We recommend sourcing and replenishing the protective products locally. The universal compartments make it easy for everyone to place them for the customer’s convenience.

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