VisitSafe – Your Digital Doorman

At Vision retail analytics, we are always focused on creating solutions that inform retail strategies for brick and mortar success. With COVID-19 closing high streets and malls around the globe, the Vision team have been working towards helping retailers recover, adapt and thrive once they are able to open again.

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In response to the crisis, Vision has developed the VisitSafe digital doorman to help you confidently reopen stores safely, faster. 


Our extensive research and discussions with retailers and consultants have given us insight into the complexity of challenges that lay ahead of retailers. While there are many ways to approach the return to the ‘new normal’, ensuring social distancing and providing protective measures at the entrance are proving to be the most reliable and affordable ways of stopping the spread without turning away valuable customers.

How can VisitSafe help?

Placed at your store entrance, VisitSafe helps you achieve safer shopping for everyone by automatically regulating store traffic to ensure social distancing. Its display has been inspired by the universally understood traffic-light, either welcoming customers inside if the in-store numbers are suitable, or asking them to wait until others have left.

Improve shopper confidence and personal safety in your stores. VisitSafe helps you to implement other in-store safety measures as well. Designed into the stand are convenient storage compartments for keeping complementary hand sanitiser, protective gloves and/or temporary face masks neatly together in one professional unit.

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Communicate customer safety to encourage browsing

As a retailer, you have always focused on your customers, but now you need to ensure their in-store wellbeing too. How retailers respond to the new shopping norm is key to our success as an industry as a whole. Communicating the steps your brand is taking to ensure customer wellbeing and safety are key to encouraging customers to feel confident to enter, browse and purchase.

VisitSafe is a friendly and professional way of communicating the health and safety measures taken by your brand. Instead of using your valuable sales teams to guard the door and manually count customers or distribute hand sanitiser and gloves, VisitSafe frees them up to focus on creating a confident, personal in-store experience. It’s what they do best!


Your questions answered

What is included?

Includes entrance stand with screen and real-time footfall counter software. Hand sanitiser gel, face masks and gloves are not included.

Can I customize it to match my brand?

Absolutely! Get in touch with our Vision team to learn how our new VisitSafe product can be tailored to meet the look and feel your brand needs.

How does it help maintain a safe distance between everyone inside?

Store staff can set a maximum number of people that the store can safely accommodate. VisitSafe monitors the number of entering and departing customers and keeps a count of people in the store at all times. New customers are asked to wait outside if the store becomes too full.

Does the unit come with hand sanitiser, gloves and masks?

We recommend sourcing and replenishing the protective products locally to ensure constant supply (and provide a much needed boost to your local community). The universal compartments have been designed for easy customer access.


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We’re here to help you overcome retail’s biggest challenge yet.