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Vision is about seeing the world as it can be.

If you run a store, pop-up shop or shop-in-shop, you’re a creative spark. A business thinker. And we’d bet our bottom dollar you’ve got your own vision going on. A vision, for example, to increase your revenue, staff performance or customer conversation rate. Sound about right? The good news is that you’re in a world of opportunities that are just waiting to be uncovered! That’s where we come in, to push the boundaries of what brick-and-data can do. by Green-light is a new and simple system using cutting-edge Computer Vision technology to understand pre-purchase behaviour in a physical retail space- helping retailers to increase their profits.

Visitor and staff behaviour give us insights, which are basically diamonds in the dust. You’ll get these gems in the form of easy-to-understand performance indicators delivered directly to your personalised dashboard.

Everyone in the retail industry should know if their goods are desired and whether their sales process is top-notch. With our visual sensors and smart analytical algorithm, that’s the least we can help you to do.

What if your physical space had the power to upgrade itself pro-actively, like an OS update, or a transformer? After a visually discreet, plug-and-play installation, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of everything that affects your in-store conversion rates:

  • The impact of your visual merchandising
  • Your peak demand times (when to send out more sales soldiers)
  • Knowledge of staff’s customer service
  • Knowledge of who’s most likely to buy

Data like this will help you upgrade your in-store operations, all without ruining the fung-shei. The device creatively and strategically integrate the device into the store fixtures and furniture.

With Vision you can finally understand your ROMI, enabling you to make more informed decisions for your next campaign. It’s also uniquely useful for temporary events, like a campaign launch. (Using Vision for these applications would make you the smartest marketer. The smartketer, who wins at smartketing.)

You’ll have a better idea of how to improve customer service, increase conversion rates, and to lower friction factors leading to abandoning behaviour.

Vision also differentiates between staff and customers, so you can now ascertain your staff’s customer care through data, rather than assumption.

Ronny Max from Behavioural Analytics 101 points out that the physical space is a chaotic, social and sensual space to do business, making it slightly …unpredictable. With In-Store Optimisation, however, we can effectively increase the ratio of visitors to people who take your desired action.

So, we see the physical world as it is. But we’re taking it to where it’s going. A data-backed, improved experience for all.