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Social distancing

COVID will remain an invisible threat in stores, workspaces, schools, and other common areas for the foreseeable future.  As a result, every business and public space must implement effective health & safety measures to mitigate the risk of transmission.

Analyze visitor behaviour and adapt your spaces to ensure compliance with social distancing regulations.

Graph of safety analysis

How safe and compliant is your space?

Powered by proprietary computer vision and AI, our SPACESafe™ technology automatically performs an accurate daily SPATIAL SAFETY ANALYSIS to clearly identify where, when, and how often visitors and staff interact closer than the regulated 1.5 to 2 meter separation. 

By implementing it at your premises, you get data-backed confirmation of compliance with safety regulations, or a prompt where adaption is required.

Now you can evaluate how effective your health & safety measures really are.

Adapt your spaces to build visitor confidence and minimize risk

Use Vision’s clear and objective data to define targeted strategies and make informed decisions on which solution will best help you adjust your business for social distancing compliance. 

Our mission is to help businesses understand their level of risk, adapt their operations, and achieve the highest possible level of compliance with safety regulations. 

Do you need to manage the flow of people through your stores and public spaces?

Place VisitSafe, the digital doorman, at your entrances to achieve sanitization and maximum occupancy levels in one integrated solution.

Using our camera & proprietary AI algorithms for real-time people counting, VisitSafe asks visitors to ENTER or WAIT.  It even calculates the estimated WAIT TIME so your customers can plan when to return, helping them to avoid queues. Once occupancy management is no longer a major concern, the screen can display your marketing content, compliance & operational communications.

Visitsafe is available as a full sanitization stand with handy compartments for hand sanitizer and gloves, or as a wall-mounted unit.

Is your layout preventing social distancing? 

It’s easier than ever to adapt. Our VirtualRetail platform is an immersive next-generation design-intelligence platform that enables retail designers and internal stakeholders to remotely collaborate on new and existing store updates at a fraction of the usual required time and cost.

Now you can rapidly create virtual prototypes of stores and create real-time adaptations to store layouts, visual merchandising, and in-store marketing or health & safety messaging.

Virtual Retail’s web portal serves as a single source of truth for the whole fleet of your locations.

Anyone with access to the platform can easily enter a virtual prototype of any store to review the current design and make required layout changes within minutes. A simple shared link to the adapted space will kick-off an instant implementation process providing all relevant partners and store teams with crystal clear direction.

Cost-effective and fast, it’s the digital transformation of safe retail design and implementation.

Prosper as a SAFE environment

After implementing your adaptation strategies, we encourage you to continue your daily SPATIAL SAFETY ANALYSIS. This is the only way to maintain the required SAFETY levels that ensure everyone’s confidence.

Need a COVIDSafe space?

Get in touch and we will prepare a COVIDSafe solution tailored to your needs.

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