Actionable retail insights for learning more about your store and customers

How does Vision work?

In-store data capture
Vision uses intelligent optical sensors and high-performance computer vision to capture real-time visuals in store. It performs an initial 3D analysis to calculate traffic, detect gender and estimate age groups.
Behavioral data analysis
The pre-processed data is sent to the Vision cloud for in-depth analysis. Our proprietary AI algorithm detects every relevant data point, calculating accurate values across the entire customer journey.
Actionable data & insights
More than 40 metrics and insights about your customers, your stores and in-store teams are displayed in your dedicated Vision dashboard.
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Get a glimpse of some of the metrics we measure throughout the customer journey.
Compare all stores from anywhere
Scaling from one store to hundreds is easy with Vision. Keep all your comparative insights in one location – adding stores and brands as you grow.
Private by design
At we take data privacy seriously. Our technology is designed to be 100% GDPR compliant. All visual data captured is deleted after processing and essential training data is always anonymised.
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