Data-driven prosperity

Use customer behaviour data to bring your business back to health

Regain customers and revenue with agile customer-centric strategies

Understanding customer behavior has never been more crucial to your business. Computer vision and our proprietary AI algorithms make this easier to achieve than ever. Vision Retail Analytics help physical retailers track key in-store activities to confidently implement data-driven strategies.

Regain customers and revenue with agile customer-centric strategies

Real time monitoring of passerby and visitor traffic levels provides the information needed to compare and benchmark performance across all store locations. Some stores not recovering their footfall? Consider emphasizing safety precautions in your local marketing and improving your outdoor navigation.

Sales data can’t tell you much about shopper experience across the entire store floor. Use Vision’s zone traffic, visiting frequency, dwell times and demographic data to understand in real-time which areas of your store attract more customers and have the potential to drive engagement.

Want to maximize customer flow to every corner of your store layout? Use this data to place highly desirable products in cold zones, or to position new deals in hotter zones.

Physical retailers no longer have to wait for delayed consolidated sales reports to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Vision measures the real time impact of media, shop-front and in-store campaigns to provide retailers with detailed Day 2 results.

Windows not bringing in vital store traffic? Attracting the wrong customer segment?

Vision shows the answers right away so you can react with speed.

Effective store teams score high conversion rates, grow overall bill size and build long term customer satisfaction. This makes them an absolutely crucial part of store success.

Sales teams not meeting your conversions goals? Understanding shopper-staff interaction data such as browsing time, interaction levels and conversion rates will indicate if your teams are maximizing sales opportunities and providing safe customer service.

In-store activations create awareness about new products by encouraging trial and first purchases.

They also promote sales to revive interest and clear store inventories. Vision data shows you whether your activations are effectively increasing traffic between the featured products and POS.

New products not selling as you had expected? Is a promotion meeting the customer engagement projections? Traffic within promotional areas, overall dwell times and promoter-customer interactions data will quickly give you clarity.

Retailers must continually evaluate and refresh their in-store concepts to reflect safety regulations, new design trends, and changing shopping preferences.

Is your design and layout promoting customer engagement and resulting in longer dwell times? Roll it out to the other stores. Is the impact not as good as expected?
Let the data lead your redesign. Vision data enables you to measure and compare the new consumer behaviour triggered by your store environment.

Are your new customer journeys designed to convert?

Understand each stage of your customer journeys with actionable insights on visitors and their in-store experiences. Today, competing on product and price is not enough. Identifying opportunities for better customer flow, product engagement, assisted sales and customer experience is the only profitable way forward.

01 Entering

Do your locations and storefronts actually work?

Viewer to Visitors Conversion
7% +3%

Viewer to Visitor conversions have increased by 3%. The window campaign works well!
23,530 +2%

Total number of people passing by the store has increased by 2% this week.
01 Entering

Do your locations and storefronts actually work?

Location and storefronts both start and sustain store success. Analyze the passerby traffic of prospective locations, or get laser-focused insights into how well your current storefronts are turning passersby into visitors.

02 Browsing

Which layout keeps visitors inside your store?

Be confident in your store’s appeal. Analyze and compare customer interactions with different store layouts, designs and product displays to understand which of them are the most engaging, keeping valuable customers coming back.

Most Popular Zone
Apparel +7%

1193 Visitors

Apparel area is clearly attracting the most visitors.
Average Dwell Time
12 minutes +2 minutes

The amount of time visitors have spent in the area has increased by 20%.
03 Interacting

Are customers sold on your service?

Service Duration
15 minutes +2%

Customers spent 15 minutes on average interacting with a staff member.
03 Interacting

Are customers sold on your service?

Equip your store teams to hold conversations that convert, and train them to meet the demands of a changing market. Assess client service levels, plan efficient staff schedules and review store team performance.

04 Buying

Who buys & what drives their decision?

Understanding customer behaviour prior to purchase is key to real revenue growth. Analyze conversion rates related to customer demographics, zones visited, time spent in store, services provided & more.

Purchasing Potential
657 +7%

The number of visitors around your POS have increased by 7% this week.
Buyers Gender
85% Women +2%

Most of your purchases were made by female customers this week.

Your Vision data dashboard

Get all of these insights in one easy to use place. Here you’ll access footfall demographics, dwell time, interactions, conversion rates and all other metrics at a glance.

  • Get data-driven insights, in a way that just makes sense.

    Get all of these insights in one easy to use place. Here you’ll access footfall demographics, dwell time, interactions, conversion rates and all other metrics at a glance.

    Learn how it works

Store locations

Multi-store overview

Gain a critical and clear overview of all points-of-sale in one place.

Customer journey smaller screen

Customer experience analytics

Break down trends in customer behavior, identify opportunities and roadblocks along the customer journey to ensure safety while bettering the experience.

Visitor overview floorplan

Customer flow zones

Go beyond the hot and cold zones in your store. Understand customer trends as well as the factors which trigger changes in the customer journey.

Simple implementation integrates with your infrastructure

Vision taps into your pre-existing CCTV cameras to capture the in-store data, so there is no need to invest in additional sensors. That means you get more returns from your previous investment. Time to upgrade your cameras? We can refer you to a trusted partner supplier.

Secure by design

Vision was born in the age of GDPR. Data privacy is in our DNA. Our technology is designed to be 100% GDPR compliant. No biometric data is captured, all visual data is deleted post processing and essential training data is always anonymized.

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