What’s happening in your store?

Understand each stage of your customer journeys with actionable insights on visitors and their in-store experiences. Today, competing on product and price is not enough. Uncovering opportunities for better customer flow, product engagement, assisted sales and overall satisfaction is the only profitable way forward.

Do your locations and storefronts have pulling power?

New store? Location is where store success starts. Analyze the potential passerby traffic of new prospective locations, or get laser focused insights into how well your current storefronts are turning passersby into visitors.

Viewer to Visitors Conversion
7% +3%
Viewer to Visitor conversions have increased by 3%. The window campaign works well!
23,530 +2%
Total number of people passing by the store has increased by 2% this week.
Which layout makes your customers linger longer?

Be confident in your store’s appeal. Analyze and compare customer interactions with different store layouts, designs and product displays to understand which of them are the most engaging.

Most Popular Zone
Apparel +7%
1193 Visitors
Apparel area is clearly attracting the most visitors.
Average Dwell Time
12 minutes +2 minutes
The amount of time visitors have spent in the area has increased by 20%.
Are customers sold on your service?

Truly optimize your store team’s performance. Assess whether training has produced better results, understand the efficiency of your staffing levels and find out which star performers bring in the most sales.

Service Duration
15 minutes +2%
Customers spent 15 minutes on average interacting with a staff member.
Who buys & what drives their decision?

Understanding customer behaviour prior to purchase is key to real revenue growth. Analyze conversion rates related to customer demographics, zones visited, time spent in store, services provided & more.

Purchasing Potential
657 +7%
The number of visitors around your POS have increased by 7% this week.
Buyers Gender
85% Women +2%
Most of your purchases were made by female customers this week.
Your Vision data dashboard

Get all of these insights in one easy to use place. Here you'll access footfall demographics, dwell time, interactions, conversion rates and all other metrics at a glance.

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Customer experience analytics
Find opportunities and identify roadblocks at any point of the customer journey to better the experience.
Multi-store overview
Gain a clear overview of all your points-of-sale
Customer flow zones
Understand the hot and cold areas of your stores.