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Understand in-store interactions and create the ultimate customer experience with Vision Retail Analytics.

Vision is a customer experience analytics solution
that allows you to

Increase your retail sales by discovering and addressing blind spots

Compare physical store and e-commerce pre-purchase metrics

Know how attractive your product is before your next big sale

Measure and understand your ROMI

Measure and compare the performance of different retail store locations in real-time

Understand your visitors & improve your point of sale

Key measured metrics:
  • Total traffic around store
  • Conversion rate from passer-by to store visitor
  • Visitor real-time in-store traffic
  • Total time spent by visitor in store
  • Dwell time in a certain zone of the store
  • No. of zones visited per visit
  • Visitors age group & gender
  • Heat map analysis
  • Recurring visitors
  • E-commerce-style analytics for retail

100% GDPR compliant

Plug and play installation

No CCTV needed

No internet needed

All-in-one tool

Where and how to use Vision


One of the more robust features in Vision for metrics-oriented marketers is the Campaigns functionality. In Campaigns, you can effectively track the impact of a marketing campaign throughout the larger portion of the sales funnel. Vision provides you with data from day one, reducing your reliance on POS data, which allows you to plan out your efforts for your next big sale.


Vision helps your product shine by measuring the attractivity and performance of your products. If the system shows that your area seems to be consistentlybusier during certain times of the day, you can use Vision to help plan out your staffing schedule so that you can have the right expert in front of your customer at the right time.

Pop-up store

Vision was designed to work in situations without extensive internet infrastructure. This solution will give you monitoring and performance abilities in multiple locations, and all it asks for in return is a power socket.

Market research

Vision's analytics components can investigate and validate a variety of markets, even in different time zones. The system can help you better understand the demographics and metrics of visitor movement and their patterns, without a need to have actual staff on the ground.


Vision makes measuring the buzz that your pieces create a breeze. Instead of manually trying to count and identify those that are interested in your work, Vision will give you a comprehensive big-picture report containing demographic groups, dwell time, heat maps, and more. Learn from the observations and maximize the impact and profit your pieces generate.

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